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Alessandro Calamita

Alessandro ‘Al’ Calamita CompTIA A+, CompTIA N+, MCTS is our Technical Specialist, which essentially means he spends his time solving highly complicated IT problems that require detailed attention. Aside from an interest in cars, mountain biking and photography, Al is particularly fond of cheese.

Al joined Resolve as an apprentice back in 2010 and has since appeared in various roles within the company, including working as an engineer and a helpdesk team manager. Al’s love for new technology and interest in learning means he is perfectly placed to fix complex technical issues. He can often be found assisting our IT engineers and researching the development of new and existing Resolve products. When Al hasn’t got his head in a technical problem he can be found in his garage building or fixing cars. His favourite piece of technology is a good quality mouse and keyboard.

  • Al once got told to ‘cheer up’ by Nick Hewer, even though he’s really not that miserable!
  • His Italian heritage means he can never have enough cheese…
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