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Manufacturers and the cloud

The largest enterprises in the world have turned to the cloud. Global manufacturers are following the example.

This is not just a trend, it’s shift of entire IT systems away from an organisation’s physical premises; removed, and replaced by the cloud.

This a world where business and collaboration solutions and applications can be deployed at will, and at a fraction of the cost of supporting hardware and paying small fortunes for specialist IT people to maintain it.

This is also a world where processes are faster and collaboration is easier; where your team can communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere and on any device; where you can collaborate with partners across the entire supply chain and where, if you don’t need the technology at a certain time then you simply don’t pay for it.

In short, this is where the digital revolution is taking place. Microsoft Office 365 is making it possible for manufacturing organisations to streamline business processes:

Resolve for manufacturing companies

As a Microsoft Silver Partner and Small Business Specialist, Resolve can help you take advantage of the cloud through Office 365, to advance your business insights, reduce complexity and improve quality management.

We’re Microsoft Office 365 wizards.

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