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IT Support for Manufacturing

As a business founded in a city famous for its steel industry, perhaps it was inevitable that we would start supporting a whole range of engineering and manufacturing businesses. We work with everyone from safety light creators to double glazing experts – and everything in between!

As a consequence, our team has become attuned to the sort of technical concerns that effect manufacturers on a day-to-day basis. We understand how IT and manufacturing need to seamlessly slot together and how a serious technical fault can disrupt your whole production line.

If you work in manufacturing or engineering and you're looking for an IT provider, here are some reasons we think our support is super...

1. We have a good understanding of both ERP and CRM software such as Sage 200 and Microsoft Dynamics.

2. Connecting multiple buildings on one site is no problem for us – even when there is a public road running in between them!

3. Each Resolve Support contract comes with a designated technical account manager, which means they'll become experts in your unique systems and familiar with the type of tea you drink.

4. And those account managers also proactively oversee your systems – so if something goes down they'll spot it right away and be able to start recovering things as fast as possible.

5. Audits get carried out every year, allowing you to check everything is healthy and you are using IT to its full potential.

And, if you'd like some more specific examples of work we have completed, we have...

• Provided wifi across the production floor to enable the usage of smart barcode scanners.

• Worked on an ERP implementation with a third party provider.

• Linked-up multiple buildings using high performance wireless links.

• Set up failover servers on separate sites to ensure minimal production downtime.

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