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Happiness Report

our customer happiness report

We pride ourselves on being 'experts who speak your language', and we think excellent communication is one of the best ways to delight our customers.

To make sure this is happening, we ask our customers to rate the level of service they experience every time we fix an IT issue.

7% Satisfactory
3% Could Be Better

The smiley scale

After we've fixed an issue, our customers tell
us whether the level of service was 'excellent',
'satisfactory' or 'not so good'. Then we monitor every
single response and publish the results on our website.
Why? Because we're proud of our company, our team
and the customers we work with.

We also believe in learning from mistakes. If a customer
isn't happy, we'll do our best to understand why and
resolve the issue.

Could Be Better

Our last 100 ratings look like this...

we like our service to do the talking...

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