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Wunderlist task management

Wunderlist task management
There are all sorts of task management programmes out there, but how do you choose the right one for you? Al takes a look at the (fairly) new kid on the block; Wunderlist

If you're anything like me and have multiple projects to manage you'll understand that it can be a nightmare to keep on track of what's happening.

I have tried a number of task management/to-do list applications. Only one of these has stayed. This is Wunderlist from Berlin based 6Wunderkinder.

To me, Wunderlist is a great task management application which is simple enough to use but nuanced enough to be able to tailor it to my needs.

The great thing with Wunderlist is that it's available on more than one platform. I use it on my iPhone when I'm away from my desk to create and update tasks, which then instantly sync to Wunderlist on my laptop back at my desk.

Wunderlist hints and tips

I would like to share with you a few tips & tricks, features and uses of Wunderlist that make a big difference.

I assume you've already signed up and download the application.

Wunderlist 1

Wunderlist is currently available for Mac OSX, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android and Linux.

Let's get to the more interesting part!

We'll start with creating new tasks using smart date recognition.

For example, I've created a task called Write Wunderlist Article today.

Wunderlist 2

When I press enter to add the task it will automatically set the due date to Today.

Wunderlist 3

As you can see, the due date is now set to Today.

Likewise, you can also use specific dates, for example:

Wunderlist 4

Write new blog entry on 15th december will set the due date to 15/12/2011.

Wunderlist 5

This can make entering tasks and setting due dates very simple and quick. I use this a lot when adding multiple tasks and deadlines.

One other function that can be useful when adding tasks is to create a starred task. This can be done by clicking the star on the right hand side of the task, to make this quicker, just add a * (asterisk) at the beginning of the task.

Wunderlist 6

This can also be combined with the smart date recognition.

Wunderlist 7

This is useful when a task may be especially important or have an upcoming due date.

One part of Wunderlist that I didn't use straight away was the Task Lists and searches. Since adding more task lists I've found this more and more useful for organising, prioritising and when I have a number of lists and tasks, searching.

Wunderlist 8

As you can see, thanks to the help of Wunderlist, I've sucessfully managed and finished my Christmas shopping already!

There are more features within Wunderlist to be found and used, different backgrounds, keyboard shortcuts, adding tasks via emails etc. Have a try and see for yourself!


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