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Windows Vista

Windows Vista
There is alot of talk at the moment about windows vista ... let us give you our advice.

What is Vista?
Vista is the next version of Microsoft Windows, which is an operating system that runs on your PC.

There have been a number of Microsoft operating systems, but most recently there have been Windows 95, then 98, then ME, then 2000 then XP, which is the latest and most up-to date.


What will be different?
Quite a lot, from the look and the feel of the windows, icons and menus, all the way through to searching. There have also been significant changes "below the surface", including improvements in the security, graphics, and applications.

There will be a new version of internet explorer included, and also the latest version of windows media player, along with updated mail and parental controls.


When will it be released?
It is due for release in the UK in February 2007.


What will this mean?
Well, from 2007 any PC you buy will more than likely ship with Vista on, some may also have XP as an option, but very soon Vista will become the standard, as XP is now.


How much will it cost?
A business version of vista is likely to cost about £160, with upgrades from 2000 or XP being less.


What are the business implications?
As with XP, it is expected that Vista will not be "rolled out" into businesses on a large scale until at lease 6 months have passed. This will give Microsoft time to "patch" and make any fixes that they require.

Vista will be compatible with Windows Server 2003, and Small Business Server (SBS), so you should be able to run XP and Vista on the same network quite happily, much like you can run Windows 2000 and XP now.

Also, remember that devices will require new vista drivers to run. That means that your scanner, printer, modem and any other device you connect will need new drivers. Most manufacturers already have compatible drivers, and Microsoft also has it's own drivers, but older devices may not be compatible.


Should We Upgrade Right Away?
As with any new software, we would recommend you wait between 6-12 months to let any bugs or problems be "ironed out". If you really need the new features, then you may want to upgrade right away, but for the majority of businesses, we would recommend waiting. Even then, you will need to plan carefully to ensure that all your devices are compatible with Vista.

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