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Windows Server file screening

Windows Server file screening
Server security is only going to get more and more important. Read Al's thoughts on File Screening

What is File Screening?

File Screening is part of the File Server Resource Manager on Server 2003 and above. This enables you to allow or deny certain file types from being saved in certain locations on a server in a terminal services environment.

For example, you may not want users to save music files to the server shares but you may want them to be allowed in their personal folders.

File screening templates can be easily applied to new shares or folder and can be used across a whole organisation. These are easily editable and if you have multiple servers, can be updated quickly and efficiently using command line.

Why is this useful?

File Screening can prevent unwanted files from being saved to the server. These could come from external data drives such as USB sticks or even files downloaded from the internet. Having these policies in place ensures that the server drive space is not filled up with un-needed and non-business related files and data.

It also incorporates a passive screening mode. This allows you to be notified if a user attempts to save a file listed as blocked but still allows it to be saved.

With both active and passive file screening policies you can generate reports and alerts each time a policy is violated.

File screening is also not tied to a certain number or list of file types. This means if you have a bespoke application, you can allow the file types needed. By default, there are a few templates and file lists such as media types. This includes *.mp3, *.avi etc.

File screen exceptions are also handy. These can be used to exclude a specific directory from being screened.

If you would like to know more about file screening and monitoring alerts, give us a call on 0114 299 4050.

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