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Windows Browser Ballot

Windows Browser Ballot
Microsoft have released a Windows Update that allows the user to select which browser they want to use when surfing the internet

Microsoft have released a Windows Update that allows the user to choose which browser they would like to use to surf the internet. You may have seen this already and thought, what is this about? Well, Microsoft have had to create this browser ballot as the European Union declared that Microsoft has an unfair monopoly in the browser market, due to the success of its Internet Explorer browser that comes installed with Windows. Therefore Microsoft have designed the browser ballot so that other, less known, browsers have the chance to increase their market share.

Windows Browser Ballot Selection Screen

The update works by displaying a simple window, asking you to choose which web browser you would like to use. There are 12 options; Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, K-Meleon, Sleipnir, Maxthon, Avant, FlashPeak, Flock and GreenBrowser. Simply click on 'Install' under the logo of the browser you wish to use and follow the installation prompts. You may be happy with Internet Explorer, if so then simply close the window. If you wish to choose a different browser at a later date, simply double click the 'Browser Choice' shortcut on your desktop.

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