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What's the Big Deal with the iPhone 7?

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield What's the Big Deal with the iPhone 7?
The iPhone 7 was announced to the world last week. Matt selects the three features he thinks will make the biggest impact on the smart phone industry.

It’s that time of the year again when Apple introduces us to the all-new iPhone. The newest addition to the iPhone family – the predictably named iPhone 7 – has a number of game changing features. I’m going to go through these features and explain what they mean for the future of the iPhone and mobile technology.

Over the years, Apple has consistently updated the design of the iPhone with every new release. However, this year – for the first time – Apple has broken that trend and decided to keep the same design as the previous 6 and 6S. Although the iPhone 7 may look like its predecessors, it is full of new appealing features, including:

  • Improved camera with a dual lens setup on the iPhone 7+
  • Water Resistance up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Removal of the standard headphone jack, relying on the lightning port for both audio and charging
  • Stereo speakers, producing an increase in both volume and dynamic range
  • A new home button, with force touch technology providing greater customisability for quicker actions
  • New processor (A10 Fusion), which boasts a 40 percent speed increase
  • Improved battery life
  • New colours introduced, including Jet Black 
  • Removal of 16GB option, replaced with 32GB as smallest phone


With all these new features and options, Apple has really pushed the boat out to impress and shape the future of the iPhone. For me, the three changes that stand out with this iPhone are the headphone jack removal, the introduction of stereo speakers and dual lenses on the 7+.

Apple’s idea to remove the headphone jack is a controversial decision and is a bold move to make. It will take a while for users to get used to this change, however I believe the move from analogue will benefit technology in the long run.

iPhone7 headphones

The addition of stereo speakers is a simple yet long awaited feature to the iPhone, which will provide a much more enjoyable experience when listening to audio through the phone speakers.

Despite the downside of the new dual lens setup being exclusive to the 7+, this is still an impressive camera system, which going forwards will provide iPhone users with better quality images when zooming (a problem that has affected all mobile devices in the past).

For more information on the new iPhone 7, please visit the official Apple site

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