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Virtualised solutions

Virtualised solutions
The advantages of virtualised solutions

What is Virtualisation?

There are many definitions available, but for the purpose of this blog, the simple explanation is the consolidation of many physical machines into one physical machine.

The end result allows one physical machine to house many virtual machines providing various benefits as listed below:

What are the benefits of virtualising our Servers?

Saving Space and Power 


When multiple physical machines are consolidated into one physical machine, there are obvious gains in space saving.  Whether this is in a rack cabinet or floor space, any business can benefit from additional space savings, especially in expanding companies.

The server will still consume power, but powering one box instead of many will present savings in utility bills.  The new server built for virtualisation often replaces older hardware and so the core components are more energy efficient, helping improve your companies' carbon footprint


Reduced Heat Output



Again, consolidating the servers into one physical box will reduce the heat output when compared to operating over many physical boxes.  The extra space in the rack allows for better air flow, so the power requirements of the cooling systems are also reduced to achieve the same results.



More Scalable Solutions



The main benefit to scalability is the ease of deploying new systems.  No additional hardware has to be purchased and Operating Systems can be loaded using specific templates, saving System Admins / Engineer time and reducing overheads.  This also improves lead times in deploying new systems or retiring legacy systems, as there is no waiting for extra hardware deliveries or removal of old kit.

The space saved in the rack allows the introduction of additional hardware without the requirement to upgrade the server rack, or stack equipment too closely causing cooling concerns.


Hardware Warranty



Companies who have older servers which have expired hardware warranties can overcome this by migrating these boxes to virtual machines on a new physical machine, which has a warranty cover.  This allows the extension of the warranty across all migrated servers, which can save packets in warranty renewals, or replacement of out of warranty components.



Backup and Recovery



Capturing your critical data is simplified, as the entire host box can be captured incorporating all virtual machines.  Data restoration can be done on a file, virtual or entire host level.  This is easier to monitor than several per server backup solutions.


How can Resolve IT help?

Resolve IT is a VMware partner and a professional solutions provider.  We are able to assist you from initial consultation through to deployment and after care.  We only advise on solutions that are required and are not into overselling products to make profits.  If you think your current system may benefit from migration to a virtualised solution then please contact our support team for friendly advice.


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