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Upgrading To Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Upgrading To Windows 7 Service Pack 1
The essential guide to installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1


The very first service pack for Windows 7 was released last week on February 22nd. It is a recommended collection of updates and improvements to Windows 7 and if you are thinking of installing the update here are a few tips to make sure the upgrade runs smoothly.

Microsoft have made SP1 available from the Windows Update Site that can be accessed on your computer from Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Windows Update

Before running the update there are few things to check first:

  1. Firstly perform a system scan to make sure you are free from malware and viruses. You can download the free Microsoft Security Essentials to check for known malware and viruses or use security software such as Malewarebytes.
  2. Microsoft recommends turning off your antivirus temporarily as it may interfere with the installation
  3. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your hardware, a nice little program called Driver Checker can do this automatically.Another good tip is to always check the hardware manufactures website for the latest updates.
  4. While updating be sure to have a constant power source, plug in your laptop or netbook to its charger
  5. Make sure you have enough free disk space as the update will require 750 Megabytes for 32-bit system and 1050 Megabytes for 64-bit system. Click Start, type system in the Start Search box, and then click system in the Programs list into the windows search panel to check which version you are running.
  6. Finally back up any important data in the unlikely case something goes wrong! This might be a good opportunity to look at Online Backup solutions like Acronis Online Backup to store all those important documents and data - get in touch with us about this for more info.

A slight warning - depending on the speed of your internet connection and computer the update will take about 60 minutes to complete and you will have to restart your computer halfway through the process.

And that's about it, updating to SP1 will ensure your system is safer and more reliable.

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