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Ubuntu Edge - The next generation smartphone

Ubuntu Edge - The next generation smartphone
Matt gives us an overview of the crowdfunded smartphone, the Ubuntu Edge

What is the Ubuntu Edge and why is it different to any other Smartphone?

Ubuntu Edge Phone - Large ImageThe Ubuntu Edge project set out with one aim: to create the "next generation of personal computing", combining a smartphone and a desktop operating system (OS) in one device. The idea is to provide a high-technology platform, dual-booting both Android and Ubuntu, with some of the highest specifications on the smartphone market.

One of the most interesting things about the Ubuntu Edge is that the funding for the device is coming, at least in part, through "crowdfunding". Contributors can give anything from $20 to $80,000 in return for a place on the Ubuntu Edge Founders page and a range of rewards (ranging from a T-shirt for a $50 contribution to 115 devices, workshops and online support for the $80,000 Enterprise bundle), and on its first day alone the project raised £3.5 million. It has now set a record for the highest crowfund pledge to exist with more than 24,000 donors offering up nearly $11.5 million in funding.

What makes this possible

The Ubuntu Edge developers have liaised with some of the biggest companies in technology to obtain the latest mobile technologies available.

To be able to run a full desktop OS, the device will require the raw power of a PC. The Ubuntu Edge will have the fastest available multi-core CPU, 4GB RAM and 126GB storage. To power all this, the battery will use silicon-anode technology, which can squeeze more energy into the same dimensions.

With this kind of hardware, the Ubuntu Edge can be your main PC anywhere. All you need is an HDMI screen to connect to and you are good to go. This device is desktop computing gone truly mobile.

How the Ubuntu Edge compares to its rivals

If successful, the Ubuntu Edge will be built with the best hardware available on the market. With more than double the RAM and storage of todays best smartphones.

To illustrate this, below is the table from the Ubuntu Edge's page on crowdsourcing website Indiegogo comparing the Edge with two of the current market leaders:

Ubuntu Edge - Comparison

Where can I purchase the Ubuntu Edge?

As the Ubuntu Edge is a crowdfunded project, the device is currently exclusive to contributors. This means that the Edge will NOT be available to purchase at launch.

If the project reaches its target and production goes ahead as planned, the phones are expected to be released in May 2014. However, Canonical, the creators of the Ubuntu Edge have said that if they fail to reach the target of $32 million, the Ubuntu Edge will simply not be made. We'll have to wait and see, but at the time of writing the campaign still had over $20 million to make, with only 15 hours left on the clock.

If you would like to read more about the Ubuntu Edge, or even make a donation towards the project, head over to the official project site by clicking here.

Will you contribute to the project? Would you purchase the Ubuntu Edge if it becomes generally available? Why not tweet us @Resolveits and share your thoughts?

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