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Turning on GOD MODE in Windows 10

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Turning on GOD MODE in Windows 10
Windows 10 is a pretty popular operating system but the disappearance of the old Control Panel is causing a bit of confusion. Jonno has a solution...

Windows 10 has proven to be Microsoft’s most popular operating system and is being used and enjoyed by home and professional users alike. It’s flexible and highly configurable, and with the latest Creator edition even more so.

Windows 10 windows 10 pro


Sometimes though, finding that correct setting can be a little confusing! Do you go looking for the old style Control Panel? Or in the new Settings button? A little look here and a little look there can soon become tiresome and frustrating. Have you ever wished you could find all the settings for your PC in one place?

Do I look in here?


Or do I look here?

Well now, in Windows 10, there’s a hidden setting called God Mode, which puts everything configurable in one place, rather like the flight deck of a jumbo jet! You can’t go looking for it – you have to create it yourself but don’t worry it’s very easy to do!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. On the root of your C drive, create a New Folder.

new folder

2. Click Rename and copy and paste the following text into the folder name and press Enter:-


3. Suddenly a nameless folder will appear with an icon that looks incredibly similar to the old style control panel icon. To open it – just do the usual and double click it.


4. Once opened you’ll see every setting that you can configure on Windows 10 and your PC – all in one place! And as an added bonus they’re all in alphabetical order.

A word of warning though – ensure you know what you’re doing! Because like a jumbo jet, altering something you’re not sure about could cause it to crash!


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