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Top 5 Reasons to use Azure Site Recovery

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Top 5 Reasons to use Azure Site Recovery
Azure is an inexpensive way to guarantee business continuity, should a power outage or server failure disrupt your IT systems. Find out more...

Azure Site Recovery allows for business continuity. It works by keeping workloads and business applications running if you ever experience a server outage in the office. Azure Site Recovery will replicate your server setup to a secondary location. If your server suddenly goes down, you can failover to Microsoft Azure and access everything as if it were still in the server room. Once the primary location has been restored you are able to fail back and continue business as if no outage had ever happened. Still not convinced? Here's five reasons it is worth using...

1. Business Continuity
Ensuring business applications are running during working hours is imperative. Having the peace of mind that if you ever have an outage in the office, you have the processes in place to simply fire up the same infrastructure elsewhere, in a matter of minutes.

2. Simplicity in failover
Azure Site Recovery can failover at the click of a button. Replication occurs throughout the day, as often as every five minutes. This means if your server goes down, your business could be back up and running within five minutes with data from as little as five minutes before the outage occurred.

3. Testing without disruption
Disaster recovery drills can be completed without affecting the live environment. With this feature you can test out your disaster recovery strategy before a disaster actually happens. This can be on completed on one server alone or lots of servers in a group.

4. Flexible failovers
Azure Site Recovery isn’t just there waiting in the event of a disaster. Using recovery plans, you can execute planned failover for times where you might expect and outage and still experience zero-data loss. You’re then easily able to fail back to your primary site when it’s ready.

5. Cost
Pricing is simple and inexpensive; you pay a fixed cost each month to protect your servers. Should you need to failover to Azure, you pay per hour while the cause of the outage is fixed. Once you revert to your on-premise setup, your Azure servers are powered off and the hourly charges stop.

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