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Top 3 Tips to Kick Start your Digital Marketing Campaign

Top 3 Tips to Kick Start your Digital Marketing Campaign
Read our top three tips to kick start your Digital Marketing Campaign. Find more tips and advice on our blog, or feel free to get in touch.

WSI Yorkshire is a leading internet marketing consultancy business. The multi-talented team can advise on everything from HTML to SEO, CSS, Social Media, strategy and analysis. Senior SEO Manager Rachael Hand has put together three quick steps to get ahead in the digital marketing game. When she isn't supporting clients, she can often be found sewing, walking her dogs and spending time with friends and family. She is also particularly good at making a strong cup of tea. Read her tips here...


1. Get Tracking

First and most importantly, before you start any digital marketing activity you must make sure you have the correct Google Analytics tracking in place.

Correct Google tracking essentially means three things:

1. Your Google Analytics account is set up with a Master View, a Test View and an Unfiltered View. By setting up your account in this way you can test any configuration changes that may impact your data, before applying the changes to your master view. Equally, the unfiltered view means you can always access a pure, unfiltered version of your data.

2. Your Google Analytics account is set up with goal tracking. Every action a user can take on your site should be set up as goal. This includes everything from completing a form, to buying a product, to downloading a document. By ensuring all valuable user interactions for your business are tracked, you can determine conversion pathways, user flows and attribution models (and a valuable action isn't simply a sale!)

3. Your Google Analytics account is connected to your other marketing channels. To get the fullest picture from the data in your Google Analytics account, then it should be integrated with as many of the other marketing channels you are using to drive traffic to your site as possible. That means integrating Analytics with AdWords, with social channels, with marketing get the idea.


2. Start as You Mean to Go On...

It is tempting to jump straight into the "exciting" side of digital marketing and hurry off setting up social profiles left right and centre, popping out emails and cobbling blog posts together but before you do any of that, you should start as you mean to go on and get your website marketing itself properly first.

In other words, you should ensure your on-site SEO is as flawless as possible before promoting your website elsewhere. At the very least this means having properly keyword optimised meta data, good quality, relevant on page content and no duplication of pages or content on site.

In a perfect world your on-site SEO should also be tied into your onsite usability. You need to provide the best on site user experience you can for the people who find and navigate to your website.

So okay, more people search for ‘happy cats' than let's say ‘non-ferrous wire strands' but if that's what you're selling, then your site need to work for the people who are aiming to find that


3. Use What You've Got

Most digital marketing is about doing the right things well (a favourite motto of ours) and that means there are no quick wins, easy fixes or short cuts (sorry!), but that's not to say they're aren't a few things that can make your life easier. Some recommendations:

1. It you're active on social media and have more than one social profile to juggle, then sign yourself up for Hootsuite (and Hootlet), it is completely free to manage up to 3 social profiles and it really does make it a lot easier...

2. After you publish a new blog post (or any new content on your website in fact) then get straight into your Google Webmaster Tools account and "fetch as Google", it'll get that new webpage indexed much quicker and who knows, Google may even list it as news...

3. Use Chrome, sign into your Chrome browser, and go to town making the most of Chrome extensions. That way, you can have your Chrome browser set up exactly as you like it, ready to access and use anywhere, from any computer.

And there you are, three pretty simple, but down right effective tips and tricks to help you make the best of your digital marketing...

To find out more about Rachael and WSI Yorkshire, visit

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