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Three reasons Teams is actually better than Skype

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Three reasons Teams is actually better than Skype
As Skype for Business transitions into Teams, Sam explores what makes Teams great and why ditching Skype shouldn't be a worry.

As Skype for Business disappears over the horizon, I have been testing out the new and exciting features in Teams that will make your work life easier. It was hard to choose, but these are my favourite three features in Teams...

Creating and Managing a Team
Creating a Team allows you to easily instant message, call and share documents with colleagues. As the team owner, you have several ways to control how your Team is used. You can choose several settings like whether users must be invited by selected owners or they are free to join; whether members can create or change tabs, channels or connectors within the Team, and you can decide if you want your Team to use fun stuff such as memes and gifs. This is ideal for keeping your Team used for the intended purpose!

team settings

Each Team can be uniquely customised with tabs, channels and connectors to help members easily find the information they are looking for. Channels work as categories in the Team, whilst tabs help you further filter down to files or apps within the channel and connectors encourage your Team to use the many useful integrated apps available. For example, you can add a connector as a tab, such as the website connector, which allows you to add a URL and it will display the chosen website within Teams with full functionality.

Teams and channels

Tabs and connectors in Teams

Teams has dozens of integrated apps including Adobe Creative Cloud, YouTube, Twitter and many more for your organisational and business social needs. This allows you to share and store information with your Team in one place, such as online videos, files uploaded from your computer and polls. When you have found an app you want to use, you can either add it as a new tab to a Team or type @ followed by the name of the app in any chat window. For example, if you install the YouTube connector, you can then launch your Team chat or individual chat and type in ‘@youtube’ and hit enter then type in a keyword to find an image from Bing to send. 

Youtube on Teams

To sum up, whilst you might feel reluctant to wave goodbye to trustworthy old Skype for Business, Teams is a well-designed app that has a terrific amount of functionality and our own team has found it superb for communication and productivity. Once I upgraded to Teams and made the most of its new features, I found I much prefer it to its predecessor and wouldn’t want to turn back!

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