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Realising the benefits of thinclient computing for your business

Realising the benefits of thinclient computing for your business
An article about Thin Client computing and its potential benefits to businesses and schools.

Amidst the ‘credit crunch', all expenditure areas come under review. Even those companies which aren't "feeling the pinch" will be looking for new and clever ways to cut IT costs without cutting quality.

Thinclient computing isn't an especially new innovation, but it's certainly something which has demanded more attention in recent years, mainly due to the relative increase in available computing "power" compared to the requirements of applications running on machines.

In the years since computers moved from being useful to essential office work machines, many businesses usually provide no more than basic Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook) facilities to their staff. Some companies offer Sage Accounting, or some equivalent, and a big focus is put on "collaborative working" and "remote access". Due to the rapid developments in those years however, the hardware we use to provide these services is, proportionally, a lot more powerful.

We're not suggesting you get out your 10 year old computer and try installing Windows 7 and Office 2010 on it. Instead, If you're familiar with the historical "Mainframe and Terminal" systems which were around in the 1960's and 1970's, then you will have some idea of what Thinclient computing is. Thinclient computing, in essence, takes away the processing responsibilities of your local computer, and instead relies on a server to process everyone's tasks. The computer becomes a simple access and display device, which passes your input to the server and receives the resulting output.

Instead of every user in your company requiring their own £900 computer, operating system, application and backup licenses, all that is required is a single low cost access terminal and reduced price volume licenses at the server side. At Resolve we've successfully implemented thinclient solutions for small clients, medium sized enterprises and large organisations alike - we know about the benefits that thinclient computing can bring, but we also know and can advise if thinclient computing wouldn't be right for you.

In addition to raw cost savings on hardware and software, for the right company there are numerous other advantages, these can include:

  • Significantly reduced support costs
  • Significantly reduced support complexity
  • Reduced introduction costs for new staff
  • Reduced replacement hardware costs
  • Ability to recycle hardware using a bespoke and license free system
  • Increased security and backup coverage
  • Better availability and security for remote access and remote working
  • Increased IT availability


If any of the above sounds attractive to you, or you think you'd like to know more about what thinclient computing could offer to your school or business, then Resolve would love to have a free, no obligation chat with you about your company's specific needs.  It's important to stress that thinclient systems can run alongside, in compliment to, the current computer systems most businesses are using. Additionally, lots of initial expensive hardware purchases may not be at all necessary - many companies have powerful enough servers, currently being underutilised to do no more than store files, which can be used to support thinclient computing.


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