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The New iPad, it's Resolutionary

The New iPad, it's Resolutionary
Is the new iPad as fantastic as Apple says?

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We've been fortunate enough to get our hands on the new iPad. On first impressions it looks exactly like the iPad 2, although it's a whole 0.6mm thicker. It's not until you switch it on that you realise it's a new iPad. The display is simply stunning, I've not seen anything like it on a device of this size, only the iPhone 4/4S compares to this. Comparing the iPad 2 screen to the new iPad shows how improved it is, and leaves you thinking; "how did I ever put up with the iPad 2 screen?"

Once you've picked up your jaw from the floor after looking at the screen, you are presented with the normal iPad experience. There's no lagging or stuttering, everything is smooth, gestures just work. The camera is really impressive, with multiple face detection and tap to focus also the shutter speed is incredibly quick. 

The new iPad boasts a quad core graphics processor and it certainly makes a difference, not only with retina display but with heavy graphics games such as Real Racing 2 HD and Infinity Blade 2. Visuals are stunning, lighting accurate and there's no drop in framerate either.

Apple has also announced that the new iPad supports 4G LTE, sadly the UK doesn't have 4G at the moment but there are plans to implement it by the end of the year.

Overall the New iPad (not sure about the name) is an incredible device and no other tablet is any where near it in terms of display. Is it worth upgrading from an iPad 2? Maybe but only for the screen, but I would definitely upgrade from an iPad 1 and if you currently don't own a tablet then now is a great time to purchase.

Full features can be found on Apple's site


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