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Technology Essentials for Travelling

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Anthony is a bit of a travel addict, so he spent some time putting a blog together on the tech that can assist you whilst journeying across the globe.

For many people (myself included), travelling around the world, discovering hidden gems and immersing yourself in different cultures is just a pipe dream, however for the lucky few it becomes a reality. So, you’ve saved your money, chosen your dates and booked the flights. It’s exciting! You begin packing and start to think about what you will take with you, what tech is currently available to make your trip more enjoyable? Well, in this blog I have picked out some of my travel essentials to help you out...



In a nutshell, goTenna creates a network of phones, allowing you to send secure messages and even your location. Best of all, you can do this even if you have no signal as data is sent over radio waves to other devices within your network. It is great for sending messages to friends in remote locations, keeping track of your party when off the grid and even keeping family up to date when you are away. For me, it is an essential when travelling in remote locations and a great safety feature (more so for mum and dad’s peace of mind).



Things that you don’t need to be “Smart”? Number 1: Suitcase… Enter Bluesmart, a smart suitcase that actually works well. On first glance it’s a suitcase, nothing special. However, upon closer inspection there are lots of special features. The first feature (and my personal favourite) is the ability to charge your device through ports built into the case. There is a built-in battery which Bluesmart say will charge your devices for 30 hours including your phone, tablet and iPad. A major idea, if - like me - you get bored in airports and continually run out of battery. Another notable feature is remote locking from your smart phone. There is also GPS tracking as standard, ensuring that you never lose your luggage again. Finally, there is a smart weight system, to avoid any excessive baggage fees. I think this is a brilliant idea, a real leap forward in an everyday product!



It probably doesn't come as a surprise that I’ve selected GoPro as an essential piece of tech for travelling. For those not in the know, it is a little camera that enables you to capture all aspects of your trip! Waterproof, robust and mountable on a range of surfaces, it is everything that you could need in a camera. It also allows you to take videos and automatically upload them to the cloud. There are several different cameras you can choose from, depending on your requirements. And, if you really want to push the boat out, GoPro also produces drones, something I think I would want to explore – imagine the images you could get!


The Scrubba

A change of direction for the final pick, but nonetheless it is potentially a vital part of any trip. The Scrubba is a hand sized, portable wash bag, giving you the ability to clean your clothes on the move! All you need is some fresh water and any cleaning product. You put your clothes into the bag, add water and detergent then close. Using the washboard effect in the bag, you scrub your clothes clean then leave to dry. Really a fantastic product for travelling, an easy and effective way of keeping your clothes clean!


Happy travelling!


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