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Stay connected to colleagues with Microsoft Teams

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Stay connected to colleagues with Microsoft Teams
Now we are all working from home, keeping connected with colleagues is trickier than ever. Luckily, Microsoft Teams can help.

Remote working can have its benefits (get up later, work in your pyjamas and sit beside the fridge) but one of the downsides is not being able to chat to colleagues as easily. If you need to speak to Sal in accounts, it is not as straightforward as walking across the office anymore. Wonderfully, Microsoft Teams is the solution, enabling businesses to host large meetings, chat instantly and host video calls.

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We have been using it for a while and several of our customers also use it. Jane Ide, chief executive of NAVCA (National Association for Voluntary and Community Action), explains how it has helped keep her remote workforce connected…

“NAVCA is a national membership organisation that supports the work of hundreds of thousands of small local voluntary organisations across England.  But we are a small team and there’s always more to be done, so productivity and collaboration are absolutely crucial to our ability to deliver.  And because we operate nationally we have to be able to work effectively on the move, wherever we are. 

We made the decision two years ago to become an essentially mobile organisation – moving away from our traditional office-based model.  Clearly cloud computing was going to be a key part of the way we worked, but we needed to go beyond just shared files and unplugging the server; we needed to find a way to build the culture of a dynamic, collaborative team when we were rarely if ever going to be in the same place at the same time.  We needed it to be quick, easy and intuitive to use; and as a small charity with a responsibility to use our resources for the benefit of others, we needed it to be very cost effective.

Teams has provided us with a solution that covers all those bases.  We use it as the ‘front door’ to our Sharepoint file storage; we use it for sharing documents and files quickly and easily, linking them directly to the team members that need to see them; and probably above all we use it as the ‘glue’ that holds us together as a team.  It provides us with instant messaging, team conversations, online chat, an internal phone system and an internal video call function – we even use Teams for our NAVCA gardening club!

It works just as well on a smart phone as it does on a laptop – essential when you spend as much time in meetings or on crowded trains as we do. It links directly to other Microsoft apps such as OneNote and Planner.  And it is all provided within the price of our Microsoft Office package.

Without the ‘global integration’ that we have been able to achieve through Teams for all our essential functions, we would be losing money, time and worst of all impact.  We simply wouldn’t be able to function as well as we do – and I don’t think I can imagine NAVCA being the successful organisation it has become without Teams at the heart of it.”

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