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Solve Your Printing Woes with LaserLife

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Solve Your Printing Woes with LaserLife
Hannah explores the benefits of switching to a managed print solution rather than battling on with an ancient printer that gobbles up toners.

How often have you found yourself fighting with a printer as it stops working right before an important presentation? You find yourself puzzling over why, even though said printer is only a few years old, it seems to be grinding to a halt/guzzling toners and printing documents as patchy pieces of abstract art. So, imagine a world where a brand new printer arrives in your office (for free!) and if it breaks, an engineer will arrive at your door and either fix it up or replace it (also free of charge). The exciting news is, we have teamed up with LaserLife to make this possible for you.

And this is how…

  • LaserLife provides you with a free printer (selected from a range of top spec printers), including…

Mono Laser: Kyocera FS-2100DN

Colour Laser: Kyocera P6035DN

Multi-functions: Kyocera P6026 / P6526

  • Once the printer and toners are in place (delivered and installed for free), LaserLife will provide you with free maintenance, support, replacements and repairs.
  • The only thing you pay for up front is a collection of high capacity toners from LaserLife that print around 25,000 black and white sheets each. And the toners are priced very competitively.
  • The good news is, there will never be any additional surprise charges. You only ever pay for the toners. If you aren’t happy you can return your printer with no termination charges. 


Eternal printer happiness is now just one phone call away, so drop Jude a line on 0114 299 4050. 

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