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Soluto Anti-Frustration Software Review

Soluto Anti-Frustration Software Review
Jude takes a look at Soluto's "Anti-Frustration" Software

Soluto is a new program for streamlining how your computer performs. It is a brilliant tool for increasing the speed of your machine, how fast it starts up, and how fast you can browse the web. It bills itself as "Anti-Frustration Software", and it's not hard to see why. After you have installed Soluto, it jumps into action, and tracks every process that runs during the start-up procedure. You can 'heal' crashes you might experience, reduce the startup time of your computer, and speed up your web browsing experience. Below, I'll give you a run-down of how this software works, and how to use it to optimize your computing experience, and hopefully breathe a bit of new life back into your machine


You can download Soluto from here:

Once it has finished downloading, double click on the file to start the installation procedure. This may take a little while, as it downloads the files needed at this stage. Once it has been installed, click on "Reboot Now" when you're ready. This will restart your machine, and Soluto will jump into action.


Once it has done its thing (bottom left corner of your screen), you will be presented with the clean cut main page. You have three tools at your disposal from here, and rolling your mouse pointer over each one will take you there, let's start from the top.

Soluto 1 - Main Page

Lighten web browser

Most people will run a web browser with at least one add-on. This screen lets you see exactly what is running alongside your browser. The categories that Soluto puts each add on into will help you choose what is safe to remove. The 'Possibly Remove' option lets you see what can be removed, but it's worth being careful in this category; only remove something if you feel confident doing so. You can switch between browsers, so if you are someone who likes to run several different browsers, you can make changes very quickly by simply switching between them. The option to change search engine is available as well, and can be done very quickly based on your choice. To get back to the main menu, click on 'Home' in the top left of the screen.

Note that while using Soluto, you can hover over the three dots to get more information about each application, including what other users did, what the application is, and what will happen if you disable it. Although Soluto is already very comprehensive, bear in mind that most information is added by users and checked by Soluto - so there is still a fair amount of information yet to be added.

Soluto 2 - Web browser

Chop boot

This is where Soluto can prove very useful for speeding up the start-up time of your machine, as well as its general performance whilst running. It does this by preventing applications from starting straight away, or starting at all. The overview gives you some basic information, including how long your boot time takes, and how many applications run during boot.

Similar to the 'Lighten Web Browser' section, you have three categories - 'No Brainer', suggesting that these applications can be removed from the start-up without question. 'Potentially Unsafe', meaning that you should only really remove these if you know exactly what they do, and 'Cannot be removed with Soluto' - these are essential to the start-up of your machine. You can remove those listed as 'no brainer' and see what a difference it makes.

After you've been using Soluto for some time, you can look at the 'History' section on the bottom left. This will give you a good indication of how effective Soluto is being for you.

Soluto 3 - Boot time

Heal crashes

This section will display what 'crashes' your computer has experienced, and suggest possible fixes. The clever thing about this section is that Soluto will record a crash on your system, and save it to its databases. It can then use this report to offer solutions to fix the problem for people experiencing the same crashes. In theory, this could potentially eliminate the need for trawling the internet for solutions. If you are lucky enough to have had no crashes - or if you've just installed Soluto, it will display 'No Crashes This Month!'

Soluto 4 - No crashes


It's really nice when software comes along that is easy to use, runs 'quietly' in the background, and can be as effective as Soluto is. I've been using it for about a month now, and I regularly check to see if there's anything I can get rid of to make my machine run faster. Soluto is still in Beta testing stage, but has already proved very useful for me. I would definitely recommend installing this software and getting the most out of your computer.

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