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Setting up Kiosk Mode on Windows 8

Setting up Kiosk Mode on Windows 8
Find out how to restrict Explorer to one page.

Kiosk Mode comes built into Windows 8 on all versions except for Standard. It allows you to restrict the PC so that only one application can be used. This function will typically be used to limit usage to Internet Explorer and to restrict browsing to just one website. The application cannot be closed and the computer settings cannot be changed.

To set up Kiosk Mode you must be logged into an Administrator account. The computer will need to have a standard local user account created to be used for this purpose. You will need to have logged into the local account at least once to make it useable.

Do the following: Press Windows key + C, Settings> Change PC Settings (at the bottom) Accounts> Other Accounts> 'Set up an account for Assigned Access.'

You may also be able to do this from Control Panel> User Accounts> Manage User Accounts> ‘Set up an account for Assigned Access'
You can select a Local User to be used for Kiosk Mode, and select a Microsoft application that will open as soon as the User account opens.


To sign out of Assigned Access mode, press the Windows key five times - quickly - while signed in. You'll be sent back to the standard login screen. The account will actually still remain logged in and the application will remain running. This method just "locks" the screen and allows another user to log in.


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