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Windows Sidebar and Gadget security issue

Windows Sidebar and Gadget security issue
Microsoft discovers Windows Gadgets security hole in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Microsoft Gadget Virus

Whether you see Windows Vista and Windows 7 Gadgets as a set of helpful tools or a nuisance to your desktop, you may want to consider deleting them for the safety of your files and details you have hidden away in your computer. Microsoft has advised Vista and Windows 7 users to disable Gadgets and the Windows Sidebar following the revelation of remote code execution vulnerabilities in its features. These flaws could allow malicious Gadgets, or even compromised legitimate Gadgets, through Microsoft's Firewalls without triggering the virus discovery system. 

Gadget Sidebar

Microsoft's only given answer to the vulnerability of millions of Windows 7 And Windows Vista users is a drastic one, though it should block the viruses' pathway through to your computer. As there is no 'Gadget Friendly' solution presently, the only way to be rid of this problem is to wipe your desktop of its 'helpful' gadgets entirely.

If you have either Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will be best to remove the Gadgets Sidebar from your computer completely, as although helpful, the gadgets are not worth the possibility of losing your files or harming your computer.


Here is a guide to safely remove the Gadgets Sidebar on Windows Vista and Windows 7


Disable Windows Sidebar in Vista


To disable the sidebar, right click on the sidebar or sidebar icon, and choose properties:
Windows Seven 1


Uncheck the "Start Sidebar when Windows starts" checkbox:
Windows Seven 2

Then right-click on the icon, and choose Exit to close the sidebar:
Windows Seven 3

Your sidebar should now be gone, and won't start back up with Windows anymore.



Removing Gadgets in Windows 7


To disable Gadgets, simply open up the Control Panel and type "features" into the search box. Find the link for "Turn Windows features on or off" and open it.


Vista 1Vista 2

Remove the checkbox from Windows Gadget Platform, click the OK button and restart your computer when it's all done.
Vista 3

Now the item should be gone from the menu...
Windows Seven 1

..and there won't be any more gadgets laying around on your desktop.






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