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Secure all business devices from one location

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Mobile staff with multiple devices makes for more hacking opportunities. Jude explains how you can manage all your business devices from one place.

As todays workplace shifts to become increasingly mobile, so does the demand on IT services to keep numerous devices protected. The workforce of just two decades ago was much easier to manage from an IT perspective; businesses were largely restricted to a single, or in some cases, multiple offices, perhaps with connectivity between the two and only a small handful, if any, mobile employees. 

Today, things are very different. There is now an expectation that the business's central IT systems and services are accessible from anywhere, at any time. This change is perhaps the single greatest IT development that businesses have undergone in recent history. With this increase in demand for access from anywhere, comes a rapid acceleration in cyber attacks and threats to security. No longer is it the job of your IT team to secure just one gateway and the services behind it; now, every phone, iPad and laptop has become a gateway to the network. 

Each employee with a device connected to the corporate network becomes a doorway on the internet, which could be opened by an attacker or left open by the owner, granting a virtually unlimited level of access to your organisation's systems and data. This poses a highly complex challenge for the team responsible for the IT. 

ESET have been offering security services to businesses for over 26 Years. We've partnered with ESET for many of these years and work closely tailoring their products to our customers. One of these products is Mobile Security. Mobile Security puts us and our customers on the front foot when faced with the problem of securing an ever growing number of devices. Mobile Security, at it’s core, runs the same ESET Antivirus engine that protects servers, laptops and computers.

With an ESET account, you can view all company devices at any time, ensuring the Antivirus is up to date and reporting back, and that the device is free from malware. You can control that device, largely to the extent that you could if it were in your hand. You can disable certain applications from running and you can prevent the owner from setting an obvious PIN number or Password. Perhaps most importantly, you can enforce encryption on the device, something that can help an organisation achieve data protection compliance as part of GDPR. Finally, if the device is lost or stolen, a quick call to us and it can be locked, tracked via GPS or factory reset. In this case, the data on the device and the capability it affords the user is of far greater value than the device itself. 

With ESET Mobile Security deployed to your company devices and proactively managed by your IT team, the ability to control and secure these gateway entries into your network is increased by order of magnitude. The devices move from an unmonitored and insecure gateway to a managed, screened and protected one; something that is absolutely essential to the security of data and services in the modern business.

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