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Save call costs using mobile phone apps

Save call costs using mobile phone apps
Dan Wynne talks through his favourite apps to save call costs

You may or may not know that most mobile phone tariffs do not include 0800, 0870 and 0845 numbers, and calling these numbers could cost you up to 40p per minute!

Which means that your bill may be considerably higher than usual or your credit could be used up quicker than you expected. Last year a Channel 4 documentary conducted tests to find the best and worst companies that use non-geographical numbers  for on-hold waiting time, with one call taking over 58 minutes. This call from your mobile could have cost up to £24 (depending on provider and tariff). You can view more on the Channel 4 page here.

Even 0800 numbers are not free on most mobiles, and could cost 15 - 30p per minute.

In the past I have used the website "Say no to 0870" (, where you can search for the local rate numbers instead of dialling 0845, 0870 numbers. On my mobile however, I have found this website difficult to navigate, so I wanted to find a solution and have discovered two apps that do just that. Available on Android and iPhone, and there are similar apps for BlackBerrys too.

The two apps are 0800 Wizard and 08 Free Calls.

They are bothApp Icons very easy to use; simply launch the app, dial the number, and the app will then offer you the local rate number. This will either be considerably cheaper than the 08 number, or will be included in your monthly minutes. Be aware though that apps are subject to mobile internet costs and coverage.


08 free call combined

0800 wizard combined

Even when using these apps I would recommend checking which calls are included in your package/tariff, and how many minutes you have left in your bundle, to ensure you don't exceed them.

The apps can be downloaded from GooglePlay and the App Store.

Here are the links:

0800 Wizard - GooglePlay     App Store

08 Free Call - GooglePlay     App Store

If you have a BlackBerry similar apps are available:

0800 Wizard

Say NO to 0870

Here at Resolve we like to make it as easy as possible for people to call us. Last year on average we answered calls in 9 seconds or less, we have a local rate and never put anyone in a queue, so you don't need to worry about the cost. For reducing your organisation's call costs we have also designed some cost-effective phone packages that use the latest software. 


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