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Resolve Branding Transformation

Resolve Branding Transformation
The Resolve branding has had a makeover! We chat to Side by Side designer Dave Greasley about the ideas behind the logo and how to tackle a rebrand.


We are very excited to reveal our brand new branding. After 10 years of the same logo (which is like 100 years in the tech industry!) we decided it was time to call in the designers and inject some fun back into the logo and the website. The designers we called were Side by Side and they have created us a wonderful new logo that is modern, friendly and fabulously orange! After a lot of chatting, research, designing, photographing and messing around with tones of orange, Side by Side came up with the lovely layout and branding you see here. We have a little chat with Side by Side co-founder and designer Dave Greasley to find out more about the Resolve rebrand...

Q: You designed the new Resolve logo (thanks!), what did you want to communicate when you created it?
DG: We wanted the logo, and overall identity, to be a true reflection of the company and its team - friendly, fun and the opposite to your stereotypical I.T company. We wanted to breathe life into the Resolve orange and for everything to feel fun and approachable.

Q: What made you say “yes” to working with Resolve?
DG: We’d never worked with an I.T company before, but we’re always up for a challenge! For every business we work with, we want to make them the best in their field, and we were confident we could do that with Resolve. We clicked with the management team and shared their passion for making the Resolve brand stronger.

Q: You run Side by Side with Ol, what made you want to set up a design agency?
DG: We found our previous roles frustrating, being designers who worked for sales people was sucking the fun out of projects. Now we only have ourselves and our clients to answer to, which is allowing us to do much more creative work.

Q: What would you say your dream design project would include?
DG: We’re having a lot of fun at the minute on some food typography for Sainsbury’s. We love food and we love type, so we’re pretty happy with this sort of project.

Q: You specialise in typography. Can you name one well-known brand with typography you love? What do you like about it?
DG: It’s becoming quite a trend to get creative with typography, it adds an extra dimension to the power of the written word – the Bulmers adverts are a good example.

Q: For companies looking to rebrand, what advice would you give?
DG: Take your time and get to know your designers. Find someone you fit with on a personal level, if you become friends you'll always have someone creative in your corner!

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