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The perks of being an IT apprentice

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield The perks of being an IT apprentice
It is coming up to one year since Oliver started as an apprentice at Resolve. He reflects on the reasons why he enjoys being an IT apprentice.

There are many perks to working in IT, especially as an apprentice. The amount of knowledge you can potentially gain is incredible. Here I’ll share my favourite things about working as an IT apprentice.


New fault, new day


Every single day in IT brings something new. Due to the nature of IT, nobody can predict when a fault will appear and that’s why every new working day is exciting. The thought of going into work not knowing what you will be facing can be quite scary, but when you fix that Outlook issue or printer problem you really get a sense of achievement.


Chance to put a name to a face


Over the course of the year there are projects that require a visit to clients’ offices to perform some upgrades on the equipment. For example, due to the fact Windows 7 is reaching end of life, the most recent visit involved upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10. Whilst working on these projects, I get chance to meet the people I often speak to daily over the phone – which is a nice feeling after speaking many times on the phone.


Constant exposure to IT systems


As an IT apprentice I am constantly learning on the job. Every day is a school day for me (literally).  Due to IT systems being dynamic and forever changing, there is always something new to learn – whether that is a new keyboard shortcut or a new PowerShell command. Furthermore, all this exposure will benefit you as an apprentice because it will help you to diagnose and fix problems quickly. It will also improve your knowledge and help you progress in your career.


Chance to earn some respected qualifications in the industry


Being an IT apprentice isn’t just about getting experience and going to work, but is also about getting qualifications along the way. During my apprenticeship I have had the opportunity to earn some industry recognised qualifications such as Microsoft Networking MTA, Microsoft Cloud MTA, C&G Coding and Logic. All these qualifications are really respected by employers and they will help me further my career in IT. And with these qualifications you can go on and do CompTia qualifications which are much harder, but very valuable.


Whether you’re looking for a career change or just looking to start your career, I would recommend the IT industry. There is an endless range of jobs available, so there would definitely be something for you.

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