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Our Verdict on the iPhone 6s

Our Verdict on the iPhone 6s
Matt Wornes puts the iPhone 6s to the test.

Another year, another iPhone. This year we were introduced to the iPhone 6s, the latest addition to the Apple family. After using the iPhone 6s for a few weeks, I am going to look at one of its new features, 3D Touch, to see whether it is all that useful.


Where do we begin!? Over the years Apple has always left its customers in anticipation, waiting to see what revolutionary features they are going to roll out. This year, it was the turn of the iPhone 6s. The 6s has the same design as the 6, but has an upgraded processor, camera, system memory and a much stronger chassis made from a new alloy of aluminium and tough cover glass. However, the defining feature of the 6s is the new 3D touchscreen.

What is 3D Touch?
The technology behind the screen is pretty impressive; it utilises capacitive pressure sensors integrated into the backlight of the display screen. These sensors detect tiny changes in the distance between the cover glass and the backlight. These measurements - in combination with signals from the touch sensor and accelerometer - creates a fast and accurate response to your finger pressure. Having all this hardware technology is great, but to make it useful you need to apply the software. The new iOS 9 update, which comes with the 6s, brings 3D Touch to life. The features include Peek and Pop, home shortcuts, live photos and also improved elements inside apps, which developers can take full advantage of. 3D Touch demonstrates how the unity of hardware and software can create an excellent, user-friendly experience.

3D Touch


How did I find using 3D Touch?
After using the new iPhone 6s over the past couple of weeks, one thing I can say about the new touchscreen is that it requires a bit of exploration before it becomes useful. There are a number of shortcuts available at launch for many applications, however finding them can be tricky. I found myself pressing harder on icons to see what happens, a lot of the time it's nothing, but sometimes you will find some real handy shortcuts to make your smartphone usability that little bit better.

It is within the apps where 3D Touch shows its real talent, such as the Peek and Pop feature that allows you to preview content without having to actually open it. This works especially well when reading through emails (allowing you to scroll through and briefly see the contents) or when reading an article online which contains a link elsewhere, letting you look at the website before actually going there. I have found this extremely useful and would say it is defiantly the strongest feature of the new screen.

The live photos are fun, although slightly gimmicky and I can see the excitement wearing thin after a few months. Nonetheless, it is still a nice feature to have within the camera and also provides the ability to create live wallpapers, which allows you to personalise the iPhone more than before. All in all, 3D Touch is a great addition to the iPhone, and I can only see it becoming more useful as time goes on. At the moment the screen utility is good, although it is yet to push the boundaries of the technology. Would I recommend the 6s just for 3D Touch? Probably not just yet. But for someone who is looking for a new phone at the moment, the 6s is defiantly worth considering.

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