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Our day at IGEL

Our day at IGEL
Read all about Adam and Al's visit to the IGEL partner day

We have worked with IGEL for the past three years to provide our customers with Thin Client solutions, and we were keen to find out what more about IGEL's future product launches. So, Adam and I decided to head to Manchester to attend the latest IGEL partner event. It was a good opportunity to meet the team behind the hedgehog (their logo!) including managing director Simon Richards, who kicked off the day with a presentation covering what happened in 2013 - it's safe to say they have every reason to be proud, it was quite a year for the IGEL team!

First Presentation

Looking forward to 2014 Simon introduced us to new hardware designs, products, and systems currently in development, which we're excited to be able to deliver to our clients later this year.

After a quick caffiene fix it was time for the presentation I was most looking forward to! Stefan Lourens is a senior technical support engineer and he took us through the technical developments over the past year. The presentation definitely highlighted a big benefit of working with IGEL in that they provide compatible solutions within their own product. For example, certain compatibility issues between Microsoft RDP and other thin client manufacturers aren't an issue when using IGEL as they have already provided a solution.

Adam and Stefan

Resolve IT's Adam (left) quizzing IGEL's Stefan (right)

Finally, a main talking point of the day was the IGEL UDC, which stands for Universal Desktop Converter. This piece of software will convert your existing hardware to an IGEL using its unique operating system. This allows you to utilise and convert current or old hardware which is then compatible with the IGEL UMS and other IGEL UD/IZ hardware. This then allows you to manage all devices from a central location along with asset management.

The reason this was a big talking point is that Windows XP will become end of life in April this year (you can find out more about this in our blog here). The IGEL UDC allows current hardware running XP to be converted into thin clients relatively cheaply and easily. The majority of machines with XP do not have the hardware requirements to upgrade to Windows 7/8 however, as the IGEL OS has a very small footprint and doesn't require powerful hardware, it's a great way to utilise existing hardware.

If you'd like more information on IGEL, the UDC or UMS then please feel free to get in touch.

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