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Our Customer Satisfaction

Our Customer Satisfaction
The most important thing in our business... our customers and what they think

One of the things that we are really proud of here at Resolve is the way we look after our customers – they are the lifeblood of our business, and looking after them is the most important thing. I'm happy to say that we have never lost a client due to a service issue, and we recently picked up the Sheffield Star's "Excellence in Customer Service" award.

In an industry that isn’t renowned for its customer service (we know, we have to deal with other IT companies too, and we get really frustrated!), I know we really stand out with our personal service.

However, as we have grown, we have wanted to keep the culture of excellence and fantastic customer service central to what we do, and so inspired by the many ideas on Andy Hanselman’s Blog we have created our “Smiley Scale”.

Every time we fix a problem, we send the customer an e-mail to let them know, and ask them to click on one of 3 smileys – “Excellent”, “Satisfactory” and “Not so good”. This sits alongside how well we respond to and fix issues within our agreed timescales (currently at a fantastic 98%).

 Customer Service

Remember that when someone calls us, it is usually because they have an issue, be that their e-mail is broken, or their computer is not booting. They are calling for our help to fix a problem that has just happened, and so they may be frustrated or stressed – and it's our job to turn that frustration into delight.

The really gutsy thing we have done is publish the live, unedited results on the website – so all of our customers and potential customers (as well as our suppliers and competitors!) can see how we are doing. It’s one thing to talk about how good we are at customer service – it is quite another thing to actually ask every customer how good the experience was, and then publish those results.

I wonder how many other IT companies do the same?


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