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No more clunky servers with Microsoft 365

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield No more clunky servers with Microsoft 365
That on-premise server whirring away in the corner? Get rid of it forever and move all your data securely into the cloud with Microsoft 365.

Although most businesses are now quite used to storing backups and emails in the cloud, moving a server to the cloud still seems like a risky manoeuvre. There is the belief that on-premise servers are the only option when it comes to securely storing all your business data. Well, thanks to Microsoft 365 that is no longer the case.

With Microsoft 365, SMBs can have all the security and functionality of an on-premise server, whilst taking advantage of everything the cloud offers – it’s the best of both worlds.

However, before we get into the features, I would like to draw your attention to one of the main considerations you need to make before deciding to move on Microsoft 365: your internet connection. It probably goes without saying that a good connection is vital if this solution is to work effectively. Luckily, good connections are readily available throughout most of the UK. If your current connection is poor – don’t worry – Resolve can assist in upgrading.

So, how can Microsoft 365 replace your server and – more importantly – reduce the stress associated with managing a full on-premise setup?


First, we will look at your files and folders, checking where they are stored and accessed. Microsoft 365 uses SharePoint and OneDrive. SharePoint will be used for your company folders and shared drives, whilst OneDrive is used for individual files. Both applications are accessible from any device with an internet connection, meaning you can access important documents wherever you are. If you aren’t going to have a connection then simply turn on “offline files”, these will be saved to your device. Once you re-establish a connection your updated documents will be automatically saved to the cloud. 

If you compare that with the traditional on-premise server, it's a million times better. With a traditional server, in order to access your company files, you need to be connected to the local network, so you either need to be in the office or connected via a VPN. This requires setup and maintenance through your IT provider and can cause a range of different issues. 


Second, we will look at your security, more specifically the security of your company data on company devices and personal devices. 

With the traditional on-premise setup if a company device is lost or stolen there is only a limited number of security steps you can put in place. For example, you can encrypt the hard drive, ensure password polices are enforced etc. However, there is always a chance this security could be breached (i.e. a user leaves their laptop unlocked and leaves it on a train).

Microsoft 365 offers an alternative solution to security and device protection. When a device is registered to your Microsoft 365 account, it registers within your admin portal. From this admin portal you are able to configure and enable of range of security features, including:

-Remotely wipe data from the device if it reported lost or stolen

-Set policy that requires a PIN/Fingerprint to access company data

-Apply encryption and restriction on documents – for example users are not able to forward on specific documents

With Microsoft 365 you apply more security features with ease, managing all your devices from one central console.


The ease of Microsoft 365 makes the decision to move to the cloud that much simpler. However, I reckon you'll still have a fair few questions, so please complete the box below and we can get in touch.


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