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Network Storage

Network Storage
What will best suit your network for shared storage?

Often at Resolve IT Solutions our clients ask about storage across a small business network. Two popular recommendations suiting different needs are: A File Server or a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) device.

A server is a computer which usually controls networks, ranging from giving out IP addresses to handling e-mail. Unlike your average PC, it has special features and runs a special version of Windows. The server can have multiple hard disks set into a RAID array for data security.

A Network-Attached Storage device is a storage area which is accessible through a network. It can be plugged straight into a router/switch via a cable and can be configured through a web interface, accessed by typing in its IP address.

Some NAS devices have multiple hard disks, often set in a RAID array.

To break things down, let's look at the advantages, disadvantages and approx costs of each.



  • Can be upgraded easily
  • Has other functions such as handling internal e-mail, users etc
  • Has extra features such as deploying software over a network and managing network software


  • Expensive
  • Complex to configure


Depending on what features you want, the average server would cost around £2000.



  • Fairly cheap
  • Plugs straight into the network
  • Easily configurable
  • Some come with a RAID-1 configuration, meaning that all data is mirrored onto another disk, so if one fails the data is unharmed. (Faulty disk WILL need replacing)


  • Cannot be upgraded
  • Too much simultaneous access can cause bottlenecking and slow access down
  • Not as suitable for large networks if user access is going to be high


Approx £200.

For a small network needing nothing but storage, a NAS device is highly recommended due to its convenience and price, but for a larger network or a network needing additional feature such as e-mail management, a server is recommended.

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