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My Technical Account Manager and Me

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield My Technical Account Manager and Me
At Resolve, support contract customers have a dedicated technical account manager. One of our customers told us about how this improves their IT support.

Meet Sue and Neal. Sue is the operations coordinator and team leader at GB Ministries, and Neal is an IT engineer at Resolve. Although they work for completely different businesses, Sue and Neal work together quite a bit. Why? Because Neal is Sue’s technical account manager and the efficient operation of IT at GB Ministries relies on their regular communication.

At Resolve, we like to have technical account managers as opposed to just account managers, because it means the person at the end of the phone understands your IT problems in detail, and has the solution too! We think this is a great idea, but let’s see what Sue thinks…

Q: Do you find having a dedicated technical account manager beneficial to IT support?
Definitely. Knowing you have someone who knows your business that little bit more and the needs you have as a team is a great benefit. The team get to know that person and have confidence in them.

Q: What sort of work does Neal carry out?
Anything and everything, from sorting out the server when we can’t get access to making sure we can print again, no problem is too big or small.

Q: What do you like about your technical account manager?
Neal feels like one of the team here at GB, he ‘gets’ us and works with the needs of the charity and the budget we have. He is also easy to understand and takes the mystery out of the term ‘IT’.

Sue certainly seems to think technical account management is a good idea, but does it work from a technical perspective? Let’s ask Neal…

Q: How do you find technical account management?
I think it works well as we get to know the IT system inside and out, and how the business operates. This allows me to almost become an extension of their team.

If technical account management sounds like a good idea to you too, then we could provide you with one. Every company that signs up to a Resolve support contract receives a dedicated technical account manager to take care of their systems and become a familiar voice at the end of the telephone.

Let us know if you’re interested!

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