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My Technical Account Manager and Me

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield My Technical Account Manager and Me
At Resolve, support contract customers have a dedicated technical account manager. One of our customers told us about how this improves their IT support.

Meet Bernard and Rob. Bernard is the managing director at Lindum Packaging, and Rob is a technical account manager at Resolve. Although they work for completely different businesses, Bernard and Rob work together quite a bit. Why? Because Rob is Bernard’s technical account manager and the efficient operation of IT at Lindum Packaging relies on their regular communication.

At Resolve, we like to have technical account managers as opposed to just account managers, because it means the person at the end of the phone understands your IT problems in detail and has the solution too! We think this is a great idea, but let’s see what Bernard thinks…

Q: What sort of things does Rob help you with?
If it is IT, Rob helps us – we appreciate his advice and analytical approach to resolving issues and thinking for the future in any decisions that we make.

Q: How have you found having a Technical Account Manager has benefitted your business?
It has been very useful having someone who knows our set up well and can provide useful insights and suggestions to make long term decisions about our IT Infrastructure.

Q: Can you recall any specific moments where Rob has been a great help to you?
Only a couple of months ago my laptop developed a fault and had to be replaced – when the new laptop arrived, I gave Rob a call and without hesitation he came straight onto my machine and set it up for me within an hour! Much appreciated!!


Bernard certainly seems to think technical account management is a good idea, but does it work from a technical perspective? Let’s ask Rob…

Q: What do you like about being a Technical Account Manager?
That no two days are the same and while there is a lot of routine work that needs to be done there is always something new to learn that will benefit the customers.

Q: Does it enable you to do your job better working with customers in the long term?
Absolutely, being able to focus on my clients ensures I know their systems, requirements and their way of working. This helps me to offer the best service and advice possible that fits with how they work.

Q: How is it working with Lindum specifically?
Really good! I have been Lindum’s account manager since early 2017 and during that time we have built up a great relationship and I have come to know a lot of the staff there which helps them get a more personal service.


If you like the sound of a technical account manager, then we could provide you with one. Every company that signs up to a Resolve IT support contract receives a dedicated technical account manager to take care of their systems and become a familiar voice at the end of the telephone.

Let us know if you’re interested!


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