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Microsoft patch 'zero-day' Internet Explorer exploit

Microsoft patch 'zero-day' Internet Explorer exploit
Jude looks at the serious vulnerability found in Internet Explorer


At the beginning of May Microsoft released an automatic patch for a serious vulnerability found in all versions of Internet Explorer.

The vulnerability allowed hackers to steal user data from targeted PCs running Internet Explorer, although the vulnerability was actually found to be within the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Microsoft has since released an emergency patch included within Windows Update.

The issue came as unwelcome news to people running Windows XP because Microsoft just discontinued support and updates for it back in April, however Microsoft did also release the patch to its XP customers as a goodwill gesture.

Worryingly, Windows XP still accounts for 26% of the PC Operating System market share, and despite the growing popularity of browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Internet Explorer still claims around 48% of the PC web browser market according to


For most users, the patch for the exploit will be applied automatically, however we would recommend that you run a full system update, even if you're not using Internet Explorer.



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