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At Resolve, we are experts in the design, implementation + support of Azure. We have lots of customers in Sheffield who commonly use two Azure solutions...

We have a lot of customers using Azure to increase the efficiency of their businesses. If you are interested but not sure which service to go for, these two are the most popular...

Virtual Machines

Azure allows you to quickly set-up virtual machines in the cloud. A virtual machine (VM) is essentially a desktop or server running in a Datacentre. This server is dedicated to you, and is fully secure. There are a few key differences between cloud and on-premise servers, and this article( explores them futher.

 Clients have used Azure Virtual Machines when...

  • They don't have a server in the office, but they do have a server in the cloud – this was especially useful if there were several remote workers.
  • They have a server dedicated to complex calculations, to free up office computers.
  • Running a single application (in this case a CRM system) in the cloud.
  • Moving part of their Network servers (in this case the website and public facing servers) to the cloud.

Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

Azure Site Recovery allows you to replicate all your servers to the cloud, and then automatically “fails over” to them in the event of an issue with your servers. This is more than a backup – think of this as an exact replica of your servers ready to take over if there is an issue with your servers onsite.

Clients have used Azure Site Recovery for:

  • Business Continuity –  ensure that the servers stay up and running.
  • Compliance – insurance companies and suppliers are increasingly demanding to know details of the resilience of the IT.
  • Disaster Recovery – knowing that in the event of a disaster the IT will keep on going. 

Migrating some or all of your system to Azure is an area that does need some specialist advice. One of the team at Resolve would be happy to meet you, understand what your organisation is looking to achieve and then make some expert recommendations to ensure you make the most out of Microsoft Azure.

If you'd like to discuss it, just give us a call on 0114 299 40 50, or complete the contact form bellow.

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