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Microsoft AER

Microsoft AER
Microsoft AER, Authorised Education Reseller, Sheffield Schools - Resolve IT Solutions

What does being a Microsoft AER mean?
Being a Microsoft AER means that Resolve IT Solutions can sell Microsoft Software at academic prices to schools and other educating establishments. This means we can provide you with discounts on our already excellent prices!

Microsoft Authorised Education Resellers must pass an advanced exam and show great knowledge about the different educational licenses.

So how does this benefit me?
Well, if you are a school it will benefit you by saving you money! From Office to Vista, if you order from us, you will get excellent prices because here at Resolve we pass the savings on to you.

What if I am a new/existing customer to you?
Whether old or new, these prices apply to everyone (as long as you are a school).

Why would you want to provide your school with expensive software when you can get exactly the same software for cheaper?

It makes sense to us!

For more information, give one of the team a ring on 0845 8990099.

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