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Meet the Resolve Customer Service Manager

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Meet the Resolve Customer Service Manager
New to Resolve in 2019 is the role of customer service manager. Hannah speaks to successful candidate Lee about how his job can improve IT services.

Introducing… Lee Hollindale, our customer service manager. This is a brand new role at Resolve and is essential in ensuring that our clients continue to receive an outstanding service. Lee spends time checking in with customers to see how their IT services are working out for them, and if there are any issues he works to – ahem – resolve them.

Hannah asked Lee some questions to find out a bit more about the Resolve customer service manager role.

Q. What does a typical working day look like for you?
A. A normal day consists of contacting clients and booking in either a meeting or phone call to go through a customer service review. I would say that my time is equally split between being out on site and being in the office. When I am not organising visits with clients, I will be looking after the contract renewals process and fielding calls and emails from clients. When I am in the office, I will also be the main point of contact regarding communications between the clients and Resolve with regards to critical issues.

Q. If a customer is having any issues what can you do to help out?
A. I will listen to the customer’s problems and take ownership of these at Resolve’s end to make sure that work is being actioned. I am also available to field any questions that clients may have with regards to the service that we provide.

Q. Can customers call you directly if they are worried about something?
A. Yes, I can be contacted directly if there is a customer that would like to have a chat.

Q. Can you tell me about any positive changes you have been able to implement?
A. From the customer service reviews we are able to get feedback directly from the customer and implement changes based on the information that we receive. Little things that we have implemented to improve the customer experience based on feedback have been: 

  • Caller ID applied for clients
  • Updated documentation on our end
  • Client portal access granted to ticket management
  • Troubleshooting guides created and sent to customers
  • Monthly and quarterly ticket reports created and sent to clients
  • Account manager personnel changes

These are just a few of the changes made due to feedback from the customer service reviews

Q. What is your favourite part of the role?
A. Meeting our clients and implementing change to contribute to a better customer experience and relaying positive feedback to the team.

Q. Finally, what do you like about working at Resolve?
A. Resolve is a fantastic place to work due to the office culture and the amazing people that work here. Everyone is in it together and colleagues are more than happy to help anyone at a moment’s notice to achieve the same goal.

If you'd like to speak to Lee you can catch him on 0114 2994050 or

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