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Me and my Pebble

Me and my Pebble
See what Andrew, our MD, thinks of the latest Smartwatch, the Pebble

What is a Pebble?

It is a "Smartwatch", built by Pebble, an American company.  We will all be hearing much more about smartwatches in the next few months (expect to see them from Samsung and Apple in the shops soon), but the Pebble is the first.

A smartwatch works with your Bluetooth phone - simply think of it as another screen and controller. You can view texts and emails on the Pebble screen, as well as answer and reject calls, and control your music feed.


Pebble Call

As it is digital, there are also several different watch faces you can have and you can download different ones as the mood takes you. Oh, and it has a version of everyone's favourite game - Snake!

What is the big deal?

In many ways, the functionality of the pebble is fairly limited - but it is the first in a generation of new devices.

It's easy to forget that before the iPhone came along with apps, if we wanted to get new features we'd have to upgrade our phone first! Now if you want, say, an app for jogging you just click and download. Apps have completely transformed the phone market, and the same will happen for watches.

Pebble Text


Do you want a different watch face? Download it. Need a way of controlling PowerPoint from your watch? Download it - you get the idea.

Over time I'm sure we will see colour screens, touch screens, GPS and even camera's built into these watches.

Is it any good?

Yes - I really like it. It looks great, isn't stupidly expensive ($150, but by the time you factor in shipping and customs you will be paying about £150), works well, and is very easy to use. I especially like the clock that uses words rather than numbers, and it is useful to see who is calling or texting without having to look at my phone - especially when I'm busy. It has a rechargeable battery which lasts about 5 days and is easy to charge.

It is also quite unique at the moment - some people love it, and others think it is a bit of a "toy". It isn't widely availiable in the UK at the moment, which is a pity because I think it would really take off. I expect that Apple or Samsung will get the "mass-market" appeal first.

Either way, it is certainly a very interesting piece of kit...I just need to get used to charging it!

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