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Maintaining Your Network Server

Maintaining Your Network Server
Keeping an up to date server is very important to business's and school's alike. Read ahead to know what you should do and what we could do for you...

If your business or school has a network, chances are you are using a server. If you are using a server you might know that it is one of the most important parts of your network. The server controls pretty much everything and if it stops functioning, your network will probably grind to a halt.

Naturally, the important things need looking after, hackers and such are always finding new ways to get into our servers and cause havoc, but not to worry because Microsoft and other companies are working against the bad guys to keep you protected, but they can't do it by themselves! Let's have a look what you can do.

Microsoft Updates

The come straight from the top. The busy guys at Microsoft are always releasing updates for your Operating Systems to patch up holes where the bad stuff might get in. However, someone needs to be there to install the updates at a convenient time. When was the last time you did it? It is true that most servers don't get looked at after the initial installation, the updates are never installed, and then..... well, use your imagination. Stay updated, stay safe.

Stay Protected

As mentioned in a previous article, you should keep your computers protected against Viruses, Hackers and Spyware. This INCLUDES the server! Check out the article Four Steps to Windows Security to read up on some good guidelines.

Backing Up

If you want to lose all your data and documents you need for that important meeting tomorrow, don't read past here. For those who aren't silly, read ahead.

Also mentioned in Why Should I Backup? - backing up is very important. Nobody wants to lose all their hard work! Keep it backed up!

Oh, and make sure that you check your backups - just because you put a tape in, doesn't mean that it is being backed up. Make sure that you check your server log files, and occasionally run a test restore to make sure that the data really is being backed up.

Other Updates

Windows is not the only thing that needs updating. You should keep an eye on all the programs installed on your server. Updates usually mean better features and better security. Some upgrades maybe cost money, some are free but everything gets outdated sooner or later.

At Resolve IT Solutions we are professionals who know servers inside and out. We know what you need and when, and all the above could be done by us! If you would like to discuss what we could offer you, please call us on 0845 8990099 to speak to one of our team.

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