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MADE Festival Summary

MADE Festival Summary
A quick summary of what Andrew learnt at MADE

Made Festival


At Resolve we are passionate about business - be this our own, or our clients'. We are always looking for ideas and suggestions to improve, and so a few of us went to this year's MADE festival.

For those of you who haven't heard, MADE is an entrepreneurs festival based here in Sheffield, and this year it had an amazing list of speakers - from Peter Jones of Dragon's Den fame, to Charles Morgan, from Morgan Motors.

MADE Festival



Overall, the festival was fantastic, well organised and great for the city. I would have personally preferred more interaction, but that is because I get restless when sat down for too long!

I won't do a full review of the whole festival, but for me, my highlights were:  Wayne Hemmingway, Charles Morgan, Priya Lakhani, Peter Jones, and Dave Richards - they all inspired me, but also gave some great tips.

And the things I have learnt - see the list below in no particular order:

1. You need a USP  - what do you stand for?

2. Brand Leverage - YO Sushi used this well

3. Businesses make money when they work out what they do well

4. Do something we can all buy into

5. Over-hire Managers

6. You have got to have new ideas - do something crazy!

7. Small close-knit teams work very well

8. Diversify

9. Service is a differentiator (We know this at Resolve!)

10. 10 People have an idea -> 3 People will be trying to make it work -> 1 person will succeed

11. Learn from your mistakes

12. Cloud products are the future

13. It's hard to say "no" to an individual

14. I should visit Sicily (not really related to business that one!)

15. Know what your brand stands for (Resolve = Communication and Service)

16. Passion and Belief are really important

17. You need great people to support you

18. Try and do that "little bit extra" each time

19. Cash is King!

20. Keep salaries low (I hope some of my team are reading this!)

21. Press on, all the time

22. Never, ever give up (I have this on my wall - thanks to the guys at innocent!)

23. Grow at the rate you are happy with

24. Delegate to great people

25. Read "Freakonomics"

26. Invest in Training and Development - (I have today just finished  the first ever Resolve "Management Academy" )

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