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The Logic Pro X 10.1 features I’m most excited about

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield The Logic Pro X 10.1 features I’m most excited about
The Logic Pro X 10.1 features I’m most excited about

As a Logic Pro X fan I'm happy to report that 10.1 is now here, and some of the new features are mind blowing! Here are the five I am most excited about.

1. Region-based automation

"Your automated changes are now embedded within any region, so you can repeat or loop them with all those swirling, sweeping, twisting effect parameters going along for the ride"



Automation has always been a bugbear of mine in Logic. To be honest, I generally bounce out parts I wish to automate and then automate the audio. Hopefully this will mark a new era in Logic automation.


2. Redesigned Compressor plug-in

"The Compressor plug-in now features a fully scalable, redesigned interface inspired by the look and feel of legendary studio favourites. With the new Classic VCA, there are a total of seven models. And the Histogram Meter view lets you see the results of your parameters, controls and knob movements like never before."



I still use the old Logic compressor on at least one channel each track, mostly for the following reasons; firstly it's quick, easy and goes easy on the CPU, and secondly because I know it so well. It's great to see some of the lesser known settings like distortion make it to the front GUI and also great to see Logic are looking to keep improving on the amazing set of plug-ins that this already comes with!

3. Real-time fades

"Fades are now rendered in real time so projects load faster and fade files become a thing of the past. This change makes fades compatible with Flex Pitch and allows edits to fades to become audible without having to stop playback. The same technology is used to ensure click-free playback when cycling."



I actually had a project recently that crashed every time it played. I eventually found that I had to reapply every fade to fit it, which considering I had one on nearly every drum beat and had also cut my sub up into individual hits in audio was a nightmare. Again, this is a really welcome improvement on the way these are handled. That's before I even mention the fact that you can now fade out Flex Pitch!

4. Customisable plug-in menus

"Sort and prioritise all Logic Pro and third-party plug-ins with ease. Put your favourites at the top of the menu. And create custom categories to keep hundreds of plug-ins ready, as soon as you need them."


YES! YES! YES! That is all.

5. No more clicks

"Logic now automatically applies crossfades when cycling to reduce clicks in audio regions at cycle start and end points".


This is a small change, but could potentially make my ears very happy (as long as it doesn't affect the loop, making it different to how it will sound not cycling).

All in all I think this may be one of my most anticipated updates. It doesn't necessarily have the most dramatic additions or changes but I honestly think it may just change my workflow for the better.

To find the full list of updates you can read the full article here: and the release notes here:

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