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Keep your PC running faster for longer

Keep your PC running faster for longer
Kyran shares his tips on making your PC run smoother and faster, for longer

Better. Faster. Stronger. For Longer.

What's the one thing we all wish our computers had more of? Speed. At some point we've all experienced the scenario that makes you want to tear your hair out; you're sat at your desk staring at an error message that refuses to go away, and then you're twiddling your thumbs because of long loading times. If this is all too familiar then it's time things changed. 

I've put together some simple steps that should increase your computer's speed, and increase your productivity whilst we're at it!

Time for a spring clean. 

clean me

Don't assume that having gigabytes of space left means you can download anything and everything without it havnig an impact on your machine's speed. It's the same with all those photos you've been hoarding!

Go through all your applications and get rid of anything that isn't used anymore (remember it's always worthwhile backing up before doing this). Don't worry, if you accidentally delete something or lots of things you didn't necessarily want to then all recent versions of Windows have a System Restore function which allows you to restore your PC back to an earlier point and get back anything that accidentally disappeared before. Have a good sit down and get rid of anything that isn't essential. It might look like they're sat there doing nothing but they are slowing your machine down.

Stay in control. 

Good! Now that you've had a spring clean and all those unnecessary programmes and files have gone, it's time we sorted the ones you do need. Organisation is key, this will speed up your productivity by helping you find what you need faster. This can be made very easy by downloading an app or program such as "Drop It", or "Cyber-D's Autodelete" (also recommended by HP). Not only will these tools help get you organised, but critically they will help you stay organised by automatically sorting files and folders as you save them.

Oh and while you're at it, archive those thousands of unwanted emails.

Back up. Back up. Back up.

Services image - Backup

We all know how important this is but more often than not we proise ourselves we'll get round to it without actually doing so. While you are organising files it's always good to double check and make sure that all of your important information can be recovered in the event of a major PC failure.

Make it a habit.

We've all got enough bad habits, so it's time to implement a good one.

The process of cleaning, being in control and backing up should become a regular occurrence. The longer you say "I'll do it tomorrow" the more you'll pay for it later. Stay on top and be in charge and your PC will be better, faster and stronger, but most importantly, for longer.


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