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Keep spambots out of your contact form with reCAPTCHA

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Keep spambots out of your contact form with reCAPTCHA
Pesky spambots get everywhere, even into your website contact form if you're not careful. Russell takes a look at how to keep them at bay.

Running a business is tough, every email you receive could be a potential lead, but there’s a high chance that a good proportion of the emails hitting your inbox are just junk or spam emails.


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You’re probably wondering how they manage to find your email address? If you’re running a website, the chances are you’ve got a contact form on there to help people get in touch quickly. On the one hand, contact forms are a great way to keep your email address private and out of reach of spambots, but on the other hand – if you don’t protect the form – spambots can actually use it to fill your business inbox with rubbish.

Should I delete my contact form?

Of course not! There is a quick and easy way to stop spambots from using your contact form to send nefarious emails. If you’ve filled in a contact form on other websites, you’ve probably already used the tool we are about to show you… enter Google reCAPTCHA.

What is Google reCAPTCHA?

It is the little box you click on to confirm you are not a robot when you fill in a contact form. It’s a simple, quick and easy to use plugin that can be installed on to your website to stop those pesky spambots! 

You can find out more about reCAPTCHA here:
Or, if you are using WordPress for example, visit the plugin section on the dashboard and download straight from there.

Spam mail, junk mail… why should I care?

Spam or junk emails are not only seriously annoying, they can also be potentially catastrophic to your business. Cyber criminals use spam mail to catch out the unaware, inserting hidden code and viruses to steal sensitive data – like usernames, passwords and bank details.

The trouble with spam emails is that they can look very convincing, containing website links to other sites with the purpose of infecting your system. Some spam emails even look like they’ve been sent from a friend or colleague.  

Stop the bots!

Google’s reCAPTCHA is a great tool for protecting your business from spam emails, whilst it won’t block out all junk mail it should certainly cut down on a lot of the junk you receive. This should be your first step in protecting your business from cyber criminals, but your efforts shouldn’t stop there. 

Take Control of Your Business

With 91% of all cyber security incidents beginning with a spam email, it is really worth getting to grips with how to keep them out of your inbox. In addition, it is really important to audit your security systems to make sure hackers can’t sneak in any other way.


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