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Issues with Activesync, AVG 2011 and Exchange

Issues with Activesync, AVG 2011 and Exchange
Find out how to fix Event 3007 when using Microsoft Exchange 2003 and AVG.

We had a bit of an issue this week with an Exchange 2003 server and AVG 2011 - it appears that an update in 2011 with the "Online Shield" caused issues with Active sync on the server (which meant that the mobile devices stopped receiving e-mail).

The details in the Event Log were:

ID: 3007

Exchange mailbox Server response timeout: Server: User: Exchange ActiveSync Server failed to communicate with the Exchange mailbox server in a timely manner. Verify that the Exchange mailbox Server is working correctly and is not overloaded.

It took us a few hours to figure out what was going on, but we narrowed it down to AVG, and by turning off the "Online Shield" (screenshot below) this fixed the issue - we hope this article helps other users with similar issues.

Event Log ID 3007, AVG Online Sheild


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