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How to gain your customers trust online

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield How to gain your customers trust online
Our friends at Hydracreative have some tips on how to gain your customers’ trust online, and subsequently increase your sales through your website.

Having a business online can sometimes be stressful: you don’t have a physical shop that people can visit, so you have to rely purely on prospective customers finding your website. Below are some insider expert tips on how to gain your customers’ trust online, and subsequently increase your sales through your website.

Your website appearance

Your website is your 24/7 sales tool. Make it work for you by getting it designed and built by a trusted agency. Ensuring the design of your site reflects a professional image and portrays your values will leave your potential customers feeling a sense of legitimacy when they land on your website. Invest in a well-built site and you will soon see results. Ensuring that your users get a stress-free experience when browsing your website will encourage them to explore further, thus learn more about your brand, and deepen their trust in it.

A Blog

There’s no denying it, people buy from people. Show potential customers who land on your site your business and employees personalities - this enhances likability, which leads to the development of customer trust and subsequently an increase in sales. Simple gestures such as interviews with members of the team, reviews on relevant industry products/services and latest product or project write ups, all help to humanise your brand. Content such as this allows your prospective customers to gain insight into your business and understand your thoughts and values, which if relevant to them and their values, can do a great deal to build trust amongst your target audience.

A secure website

It’s all well and good having a nice professional looking website, but there are certain security measures that you should take to ensure your details, and your customers’, stay safe on your website. Protecting your website with an SSL certificate, also known as HTTPS, enables your site users to browse your website confident in the knowledge that their data is safe. There are various SSL certificates available, each giving a different level of security, depending what is best for your website. Your web development agency can give you the best advice as to which certificate would be suited best to your site and requirements.

Payment gateway

‘Payment gateway’ is a technical term for the way customers pay via a website. It is the technology that sits between the debit card and the bank authorising the sale. Payment gateways are a crucial element to e-commerce websites. Choosing the right payment gateway for your business is very important, as if it is not trusted, there’s a high chance that your customers will not want to use it. Every payment gateway will cost money; ensure that you read reviews, and thoroughly research which gateway will be best for your customers before purchasing one.

If you need any advice of how to gain your customers trust online, or you would like to take some of the security measures mentioned, please get in touch with one of the Hydracreative team by calling 0114 250 9578 or visit

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