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How Digital Can Help in Building a Bigger Brand

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield How Digital Can Help in Building a Bigger Brand
Our friends at Hydra Creative are experts in web design, SEO + software solutions. Their marketing wizard, Amy Dixon, blogs on effective digital marketing.

You’ve got your brand, but now you want to make it more successful, but the question is how? We have put together a few steps you can take, using simple digital marketing techniques that could increase your brand's potential. Digital marketing is something that does scare a few people, but equipped with the right knowledge and experience, your business could really reap the benefits.


Don’t become a martyr to digital

Let’s face it, everything is becoming more and more digital, and I know its biased coming from someone who works within a digital marketing agency, but we still can’t get away from the fact that more than ever things are online. You may have a website that you think looks great for your business, but can visitors use it? Does it give them value? Does it benefit your business? Remember that your website is your 24/7 sales tool so it needs to reflect the business 110%. Another point to consider is that your website needs to be mobile responsive. A vast amount of people use their mobile phone to look online and your website needs to be easy to navigate in order to get users to their end destination fast and efficiently, otherwise they will just bounce straight off it and go to your competitor's website instead.


Consistency is key

Your website is sparkling, your customer service agents are brilliant, but your staff in-store wouldn’t know how to fight their way out of a paper bag. Consistency is key to any business and when you start to lose that, that’s when you start to lose your customers. This is still the case in a business to business transaction, the client expects to be treated exactly the same from acquisition all the way until their project goes live. Another way that many businesses lose their consistency is through their digital marketing efforts; they have that fantastic website, but their email campaigns and social media lack the same sparkle.


Understand your key audience

Before you even start to do any marketing you should do your research into your key audience. What age range are they? What are their job titles? Where in the world do they live? After that you can start further research into their culture, social activity, buying habits. Without this key information you can never build a successful marketing plan as you just wouldn’t know where to start. Knowing your key audience is especially important in digital marketing as you need to know how they would interact with your brand online, and what mediums they would use to engage with you. By considering all aspects of your key audience you will have a better idea about when, where and how to target them. When targeting customers overseas it's also worth taking the time to understand their culture and buying behaviours, if you just use your current marketing plan for the UK it won’t necessarily work well overseas so it’s always best to do your research first.


Write for your audience not your brand

Your new product might be brilliant, but your customers only want to know what it will do for them. They want to know how they will benefit from purchasing it rather than the technical specifications that you know makes the product stand out from others. We're not suggesting you drop the technical content, but rather make the benefits the central focus. Another thing to ask when thinking about your audience is, how will they interact with your brand? If your brand is for people aged 60+ you won’t really be targeting them on social media, however, if your brand is aimed at a millennial generation, then social media would be the perfect platform to use to target them.


As with anything, if you are unsure then it is always best to check with a trusted expert, someone who can guide you in the right direction for your brand. If you have any questions or would like to send Hydra Creative your own tips, please get in touch by emailing

Amy Dixon, PR and Marketing Assitant at Hydra Creative.


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