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Happy Customers at Resolve

Happy Customers at Resolve
September has been a top month for excellent customer service at Resolve.

Customer happiness is very important to us. We spend a lot of time listening to feedback so we can ensure we always provide everyone with excellent IT support. Not only do we provide all of our customers with a guaranteed response time, we publish our response rates live on the website - so you can keep an eye on us!

Every time we fix an IT issue we ask the customer to let us know whether the service was "excellent", "satisfactory" or "not so good". Their responses make up our Smiley Scale, which captures how happy our last 100 customers were.

September has been a great month for us and our customers. We have received well over 20 "excellent" customer comments and 100% of our last 100 customers rated our service excellent. Hooray!


And, to top it off, our customer comments included phrases like...
"great job"
"helped me understand the processes behind my issues"
"professional manner"
"quick and excellent response"
"quick resolution"
"top job"
"fabulous help"
"always willing to go the extra mile"
"prompt, helpful service"

Happy customers, make us happy too! Thanks for all the lovely words and well done to the wonderful IT engineers for their commitment to excellent service.

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