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Guest blog post: Finlay, a future IT pro

Guest blog post: Finlay, a future IT pro
We're delighted to have a guest post from Finlay, who recently joined us for work experience.

"Is excessive texting developing a generation of idiots?" Asks Finlay, aged 16.

Finlay, aged 16, is from Sheffield and is currently studying for his GCSEs. He recently joined Resolve for a week of work experience. 

When I was asked to write a post for the Resolve blog I started to think about how technology has impacted on how we have conversations, and the stereotypes teenagers now have for communicating poorly - think of the face-buried-in-phone image!

Due to technological advancements in recent years, texting and online messaging has become extremely popular and has become the main source of communication for the huge percentage of the population that simply does not have the time to meet up face-to-face.

But is this a good thing?

The Bad

It has been said that excessive texting is developing a generation of idiots. I think one of the main issues is that young people are forgetting how to spell correctly, which is quite sad really. A typical example is using shortcuts like "ur", overtime "your" and "you're" both start to become "ur". 
Part of the appeal of texting is that it requires less effort and can be a less painful way of conversing. But for me, and I hope other people my age would agree, the pain is the point.

Yes, by sending a quick text the complexity and messiness of human communication can be removed, but these things are what lead to better relationships. If we're growing up learning just to communicate through a screen, moving out into the real world of real people can be quite scary.

Excessive Texting

The Good

Texting obviously has its advantages; it's cheap compared to the cost of making a phone call or the bus fare to meet up with someone, and online messaging is free as long as you have an internet connection.

It is easily accessible too, enabling anyone to talk from anywhere, at any time. What did we do before Skype?
Texting gives more privacy and control. Most of the people that text on a regular basis say that one of the main reasons is that it gives them more time to think and take time to express themselves. Texting in public is also more appropriate than having an awkwardly loud phone call!


In conclusion, I think texting is a great form of communication as long as it's not used as a way of hiding behind your phone. It is a very powerful tool that is extremely useful for people of any age, and it will likely continue to be used by future generations.

My advice to teenagers? Keep texting, but not at the expense of talking. 

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