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Free Wi-Fi Arrives in Sheffield City Centre

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Free Wi-Fi Arrives in Sheffield City Centre
What a way to celebrate World Wi-Fi Day - the delivery of free wi-fi for all in Sheffield city centre. Anthony explores what this means.

To coincide with world Wi-Fi day (20 June), Sheffield City Council and Idaq networks announced the launch of a free wi-fi service in Sheffield city centre.

The plan is to rollout the wi-fi across the city in four stages, running from June to November 2018. And to get everyone connected, helpers will be placed around the city to offer tech advice and assistance.

The hope is that this new initiative will encourage visitors and residents to spend more time in the city centre by making news, offers and information more accessible. There is also a chance it will increase footfall to local shops and venues, therefore supporting the high street and local economy.

We think this is a fantastic move by the council and Idaq, and having worked with Idaq on a number of occassions we feel they will provide a fantastic and valuable service to the residents of Sheffield.

Idaq will be installing high speed broadband across the city centre. The tech company has previously installed ultrafast broadband equipment to council-owned street lights and street furniture. This new network will also be utilised to offer brand new broadband products to those living and working in the centre of town.

The council promises that GDPR regulations will be complied with as users will have complete control over their personal data. However, as security specialists, we have to mention that using public wi-fi is not without risk. Make sure that the device you are connected with has a suitable anti-virus solution in place to protect you against any harmful programs. 

That being said, this can only be a positive step to make Sheffield one of the UK’s most connected cities. We applaud Idaq and the council for putting this in place and look forward to making use of the services in the future.

For further details, visit: And to find out more about Idaq, visit:

If you have any questions please do get in touch, but for now: happy surfing!


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